My name is Sarah King and I am an artist and doodler based out of Western Massachusetts. I was born and raised in Eastern Kansas but moved to the east coast 6 years ago to attend Vassar College.
My illustrations attempt to ponder the body, its abstractions, and limitations as well as deal with my personal relationship to my physicality. My larger work and writing dwells in narrative, our necropolitics and systems of communication. This usually translates from my experiences with anorexia and an anxiety disorder as well as from my sexual fears and frustrations. Family also plays a key role in my work, contributing to the use of quilting and other textile creations. These mediums express the legacies of my family upon one another and larger social traditions of female expression.
Please see what I am working on by visiting my instagram at
To contact me regarding commissions,
tattoo designs, or your thoughts and ponderings in general
please email me at
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